Frequently Asked Questions



SPANISIMO offers one on one Spanish lessons connecting our students with our teachers via Skype.

What do I need to be able to use SPANISIMO?

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a headset. Although many computers come with built in microphones and speakers we recommend that you use headsets instead for clarity of sound and ease of communication with your teacher. A webcam is not absolutely necessary but we do reccommend using one during class so your teacher can see your face and communicate more effectively with you.

Do I need a webcam?

Webcams are not compulsory but we do recommend you use a webcam during you class so your teacher can see your face to ensure the teacher has communicated with you effectively.

How do I use SPANISIMO? What do I need to do?

Using SPANISIMO is a cinch once you have registered with us. All you need during registration is: (1) Name, (2) Email Address, (3)Create a password, (4) Nickname for SPANISIMO, (5) Time Zone where you live, (6) Skype ID, (7) your Date of Birth. Once you have filled all these fields your registration is done and you can start using SPANISIMO.

I have a Mac. Can I still use SPANISIMO? Do you offer Mac OS compatible options?

Yes, you can use SPANISIMO with a Mac. When you install Skype, all you have to do is download and install the Mac version.

Where can I get Skype from?

For instructions on how to download and install Skype check out our Skype instructions.

Can I use another Voice Over IP service? Do I have to use Skype?

SPANISIMO uses Skype exclusively to deliver our classes. You can install Skype on your computer for free. Once you have installed it you can proceed with your lesson.

Can I use someone else's Skype ID? Can I use a friend's or a family member's account?

At the beginning of each class we call a specific Skype ID registered in the students' account information. If you call SPANISIMO using a Skype ID that is not registered with us, you will not be able to attend class. In the event that you cannot use your own Skype ID on the day of your lesson, please change the registered Skype ID before the day your class takes place. If you have changed Skype ID and the class did not take place as a result of that change, the class you missed will not be refunded.

Can I use my iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone or tablet?

As long as the device has a Skype application you can use your smartphone or tablet for lessons with SPANISIMO. However, some smartphones and tablets do not allow sending and receiving files inside the Skype interface, so we recommend you use a normal computer or laptop instead.

Can I attend class from different countries?

If you have an internet connection and a Skype ID, you can attend class from anywhere around the world. Please ensure that you select the timezone where you live so you can make a reservation for the correct timezone, as our teachers are based in Guatemala. *Class schedules are displayed on your MyPage according to the time zone you select when you register. In the event that you travel outside your usual timezone, please ensure that you reset the time zone to the one where you will be at the time you reserved your class, so your class can go ahead without problems. You can reset your time zone from MyPage

Can I take the class in a language other than Spanish or English?

Currently we only offer Spanish or English as supporting languages for our Spanish lessons. The teachers at SPANISIMO have extensive experience with students who speak neither English nor Spanish as a mother tongue. When we first launched in the Japanese market, some of our students spoke neither Spanish nor English during class, but have progressed considerably in their learning experience. Please try our FREE 50 minute trial lesson, so you can see for yourself what a class in SPANISIMO is like.

From what age can you start taking lessons in SPANISIMO?

SPANISIMO does not have age limits for our students. We have students ranging from 6 years old to 72 years old. *We ask minors to complete the registration with the guidance of their parents.

From what time of the day can we start using SPANISIMO?

Our starting times differ depending on each time zone. For example: if you live in New York, our lessons start at 11 am and end at 11 pm. If you are in London, they start at 12 pm and end at 3:50 am. If you reset the time zone setting on your registration page, you will be able to view the times you can take classes according to your time zone.

What type of Spanish does SPANISIMO teach?

SPANISIMO teachers are from Guatemala. The Guatemalan accent in Spanish is considered fairly neutral and can be understood easily by all Spanish speakers around the world.

Do I receive a certificate or a diploma after finishing a course with SPANISIMO?

If you request a certificate, we can issue a document stating the course you purchased and your class history in that course. If you need a certificate issued please contact us.

Registering with SPANISIMO

Can I change the personal information I have registered with SPANISIMO?

Yes, you can change your personal details with SPANISIMO by logging into MyPage and going to .

Can two people use the same account?

SPANISIMO only allows one account per person. This is stated in our , which you have agreed to by registering with us. Once we are aware that two people have been using the same account we will delete your registration. We consider an infringement of our Terms and Conditions a breach of contract, making the person infringing those terms liable for damages.

Can I create several SPANISIMO accounts using the same email address?

You can only register one account per email address. If you wish to take classes with your husband, your partner or siblings, please register a different email address and ensure each person has their own corresponding account.

Our FREE 50 minute trial lesons

Can I try a class before purchasing a lesson pack?

Yes, you can take advantage of our FREE 50 minute trial lesson to get a feel for our classes. The FREE 50 minute trial lesson does not require you to enter any payment details, so please feel free to try it without obligation to continue.

What happens in the FREE 50-minute trial lesson?

Our FREE 50-minute trial lesson starts with our teachers introducing themselves to you, asking you what your goals and objectives for learning Spanish are. Our teachers check your Spanish level so we can facilitate your learning experience from the level that most suits you in your next class. If you speak some Spanish, we recommend you reserve a FREE 50-minute trial lesson with a teacher who only speaks Spanish. We also suggest that beginners who are hesitant about learning Spanish choose those teachers who can assist them in English. This will ensure your class is more enjoyable and progresses more effectively.

Do you use textbooks in the FREE 50-minute trial lesson?

After checking your goals and objectives for learning Spanish, as well as ascertaining what level of Spanish you should be learning, our teachers can decide how to use the remaining time and what to use during the lesson. If you feel strongly about trying out the textbook, please feel free to ask the teacher to use the textbook in the time that remains.

If I don't try the FREE 50-minute trial lesson before purchasing a lesson pack, am I still able to take advantage of the FREE lesson?

Yes, you can use it as an extra class in addition to the lesson pack you have purchased.

Once I have used the FREE 50-minute trial lesson what do I do if I want to continue taking classes with SPANISIMO?

You can continue taking lessons with SPANISIMO once you bought a lesson pack. You can purchase lesson  packs by logging into MyPage and by clicking on ‘plan purchase’ where you can buy the lesson pack you desire. Once your purchase has been confirmed, you can make lessons reservations from the same page. *Reservations have to be made more than 12 hours before a class starting time.

Lesson Pack Prices and Payment

Do the lesson packs have expiry dates?

The different plans (10 , 20 or 30-day plans)  expire 30 days after payment. When you log into MyPage, your expiry date is displayed on the first page. If you do not manage to take all of the lessons in your pack within 30 days, you will not be able to use those lessons at a later date.

I still have lessons I have not yet used this month on my lesson plack. Can I use them next month?

If your lesson pack has expired already you will be unable to use any remaining lessons. If you need to discontinue the lessons long term please consider purchasing a lesson pack with fewer lessons.

Will I incur any other fees, other than the purchase price for the lesson? Will there be any registration fees, school entry or textbook fees?

The only fee you need to pay is the lesson pack payment. *Any webcams, headsets and internet connection are your responsibility to purchase.

Can I attend both the conversational and the grammar courses at the same time? Can I buy lessons for both courses on the same lesson pack?

You can only choose one or the other. Our conversational course has been designed so that you can understand some grammar in order to enable a conversation. The grammar course itself gives you a deeper understanding of grammar so you can communicate more effectively in Spanish.

Can I change the credit card information I provided to SPANISIMO?

If there have been any changes to your credit card, you can update the details that have changed on your PayPal account page. *If you do not update your credit card information there may be some problems transferring the money via PayPal. Please ensure that all the information you have provided to PayPal is correct to avoid delays or disappointments.

Does SPANISIMO provide receipts?

Yes, we can provide receipts on request. *When requesting a receipt please provide: (1) Name, (2) Address, (3) Company Name. If you have any questions regarding the receipts, please advise us using the 'Contact us'. If you do not provide the information we require to issue a receipt, we will provide you with a receipt that contains: (1) the name you provided in your SPANISIMO account when you registered with us, (2) a blank space in the address field and (3) the lesson pack price in the information section. *We will issue receipts within 7 days of receiving your request.

About The Lessons

I am going on vacation for a while and would like to stop the next payment. What should I do?

If you submit a Deferment Application, we can stop your payment for the following 30 days, after your current lesson pack. We will keep your account details intact. For more information about Deferring/Leaving Spanisimo click on ‘change account details’ on MYPage .

How do I access the SPANISIMO textbooks?

The SPANISIMO textbooks can be downloaded from MyPage. There is a link to , where you will find the textbooks for each lesson. You can download the textbooks in PDF format from this page. *Only the textbooks for the lessons you have already received and for the class you are about to receive can be downloaded.

Can you please tell me more about the book used in the grammar course?

The grammar course has its own textbooks, created by our teachers in SPANISIMO to make the most of the 50 minute lessons.

What type of Spanish courses do you have?

SPANISIMO offers courses and programs tailored to suit the objectives and goals of each individual student in learning Spanish.

Can you please tell me more about the book used in the conversational course?

Our conversational class is based on a method tailored to suit our 50 minute lesson. Our Spanish teachers have creating the course and the books based on this method.

Can I use my own textbooks? I have a textbook I would like to use in class. Can I use it?

Yes, you can use a textbook of your own choosing, but it is necessary and important that you provide your teacher with a copy of this book so they can give you the best possible support when teaching you Spanish.

I want to prepare for future lessons. Can I download more textbooks to do that?

We only allow you to download textbooks that correspond to lessons you have already taken and for lessons you are about to take. Our intention is for our students to learn step by step, to minimise frustration with the learning process.

Is the whole session in Spanish?

At SPANISIMO we believe that to ensure an optimal learning environment in a Spanish lesson, it is important to listen to and speak Spanish throughout the lesson. However, if you need more support during the lesson, we do have teachers who can assist you in English. We suggest that beginners make reservations with teachers who can facilitate the learning process in English, to ensure a more enjoyable learning experience.

Do you have any tips on how to make the most of each lesson?

In order to reinforce your Spanish lessons, we suggest that you revise what you learned in class and prepare for the next class in advance. If you read through the textbooks in the same order as the lessons you have received you will advance progressively. If you have any questions about the content of the lesson, please feel free to ask your teacher. We believe that it is important to ensure you have understood everything that you are learning in class.

Do I have to prepare or revise anything before each class?

Although you can learn Spanish merely by attending our 50-minute lesson, if you wish to improve your language skills faster, you can revise what you have learnt in class and prepare for the next class by reading the current textbook for your upcoming class.

Is SPANISIMO open throughout the year? Are classes offered 365 days of the year, or do you have holidays?

SPANISIMO teachers are based in Guatemala and as a result, SPANISIMO observes Guatemalan national holidays. We will be closed only on those dates: 28-31 March 2013 for Easter, 1 May 2013 for Labour Day, 14 and 15 of September for Guatemalan Independence Day, 1 November 2013 for All Saints Day, 24 and 25 of December for Christmas and 30 December to the 2nd of January for End of Year Celebrations.

What are you teachers like?

SPANISIMO ensures that it has the best teachers from the schools it collaborates with, by hiring only those teachers how have gone through our screening process. Once they have been hired as SPANISIMO teachers, we continue to provide them with training and professional development, in order to create a better learning environment. Each time you make a reservation, you can choose the teacher that most suits you. Please choose a teacher that you find best qualified to teach you.

If I am in the middle of travel for business or work, would I still be able to attend my class from my destination?

If you have an internet connection and a Skype ID, you can attend class from anywhere around the world. Please ensure that you select the timezone where you live so you can make a reservation for the correct timezone, as our teachers are based in Guatemala. *Class schedules are displayed on your MyPage according to the time zone you select when you register. In the event that you travel outside your usual timezone, please ensure that you reset the time zone to the one where you will be at the time you reserved your class, so your class can go ahead without problems. You can reset your time zone from MyPage

I am thinking of choosing the grammar course but I am not sure which level of Spanish I have. What should I do?

During our FREE 50 minute trial lesson our teachers will check your Spanish level and advice you on which course would most benefit you. If you decide to buy a plan without trying first our FREE 50 minute trial lesson, our teachers will check level in the first lesson you take.

How do I submit my homework?

Homework is checked at the beginning of every class. Please have your homework ready before you start your lesson, so your teacher can best assist you with any questions you may have.

Reserving a Lesson

How do I reserve a lesson?

Log into MyPage. Once you have logged in click on the page where you will find all the schedules for every one of our teachers. Please choose teacher , a date and time that most suits you when you make a reservation. *When searching for a suitable teacher, you can also search by the level of English to assist in supporting you in your lesson.

How many classes can I take in one day? Do you have a limit?

You can make to two lesson reservations per day. This is so other students can also book lessons on the same day.

I am a beginner. Can I still reserve lessons with teachers who are not recommended specifically for Beginners?

At SPANISIMO we believe that Beginners need to be supported in English while they are first learning Spanish, to facilitate their learning experience. We generally recommend that Beginners choose a teacher with English language skills to better support them, instead of a teacher with no knowledge of English. Our Intermediate and Advanced levels do not require support in English, as by then, we believe you will no longer need to speak English in class. However, if you still prefer to be supported in English we suggest you choose a teacher with a high level of English on our website.

Changing dates on a reservation

To change dates on your reservations log into MyPage and select 'reserve' . Click on the class you wish to change and reselect a time, date and teacher to change your reservation.

Which teacher should I choose? Can you give me some advice on the one best suited to me?

At SPANISIMO we choose our teachers carefully using a thorough screening process. They receive further training and professional development to ensure the quality of your lessons is high. You can choose your teacher according to your level of Spanish and their level of English, so they can best assist you in your learning experience.

It seems that I cannot reserve lessons with the same teacher every day. What can I do about it?

SPANISIMO cannot ensure that your chosen teacher is always available for a reservation, as there may be multiple students reserving the same teacher. If you wish to make consecutive reservations with the same teacher, we suggest you do so as early as possible. If that is not possible, please discuss with your chosen teacher any future reservations. *We cannot guarantee that you will be able to reserve the same teacher consecutively. However, despite changing teachers, our records will show your current progress and all teachers will have access to comments on your lesson history and needs. The consistency and continuity of your learning experience is assured by our meticulous records and comment sheets, that your teacher must consult before taking a lesson.

Can I make my reservations for next month earlier than the start date for that month?

If you wish to reserve a class for the following month, you can do so six days before the next monthly plan begins. For example, if you current plan expires on February 6, and your next one begins on the February 7, you can make a reservation for the period beginning on February 7 from February 1 onwards. If you log into MyPage, the front page of your student portal has the earliest date you can make a reservation for the following month.

When reserving a lesson can I choose any teacher I want?

At SPANISIMO you have the freedom to choose any available teacher when you make a reservation. If you are undecided about which teacher to choose, please check the teachers' English level on the teachers' page.

How do I cancel a reservation?

After you log into MyPage, click on ‘reserve’ or ‘change account settings’ . This will take you to the cancellation form. A lesson can only be cancelled up to 10 hours before it is due to begin. If you do not cancel at least 10 hours before the class, SPANISIMO will not refund that class. If you wish to make a reservation within the 10 hour period please do so from the page, this will enable us to advise your teacher that you will not be attending class.

Deferring / Leaving

What happens if I defer my lessons at SPANISIMO?

Once you begin a course at SPANISIMO and you purchase a lesson pack, we automatically deduct payments for the following month on the same course. If you wish to defer the class, we stop all future payments for this course. If you still have classes left over in the same 30 day period that you are stopping payments, you are still able to take that class. If there are still lessons left and your lesson pack has not yet expired, you can continue to take those lessons until it expires. You will also be able to continue to read the comments from your teachers on MyPage after deferring.

What happens if I leave SPANISIMO?

At SPANISIMO, the lesson pack you have purchased for a course is automatically the same course that you will continue taking in the following months. If you wish to leave SPANISIMO we will stop automatic payments for the following months. However, all of your personal details, including comments from your teachers will be deleted. If you wish to start again at a future date, we suggest you defer instead of leaving SPANISIMO, so you can pick up where you left off.

Can you tell me more about deferring/leaving SPANISIMO?

When you log into MyPage click on . On that page, click on the and fill out the necessary information. Once you have completed the form and you see on your screen "Process Confirmed", you Deferring/Cancellation process will be complete.

If have deferred how do I resume lessons later on?

All you have to do is log into MyPage and find a plan that suits you in order to resume your lessons.

If I resume lessons after having deferred, can I still use the information I had on MyPage before I deferred?

The purchase you have just made will be saved on MyPage, along with the previous comments from your teachers. If you log into MyPage after having deferred and you wish to resume lessons you will still be able to see this information.

If have deferred can I still continue to use the current lesson pack I have?

If you still have lessons left on your lesson pack before its expiry date, you can still take those lessons even if you have completed the Deferment Application.

Once I leave SPANISIMO, what do I have to do in order to resume lessons?

If you leave SPANISIMO it means that all the information you registered with us will be deleted. You will need to register again, and go to MyPage in your newly created account in order to make reservations on a newly purchased lesson pack.

If I leave SPANISIMO and I wish to resume lessons, will all my previous personal details still exist?

If you leave SPANISIMO, we will delete all your account information, including personal details, payment details, teacher's comments and any other private information. Also, if there are still any lessons left on your lesson pack, once you complete the Leaving Application you will be unable to use these remaining classes. If you wish to resume lessons at SPANISIMO you will need to create a new account.

Troubles with Lessons

What do I do if I am running late for a class? Can I still attend the class?

If you can still make the class and there are minutes remaining on it, you can still attend it. Accept the Skype request from your teacher and either send a message from your chatbox on Skype or call your teacher. *If you are responsible for your own lateness, we cannot extend or change the date of the lesson.

I have missed the cancellation time deadline, because I was feeling ill. What should I do?

Even if your cancellation is within the 10-hour limit, you can still notify us of your inability to attend the class onto MyPage. *Despite having cancelled, since you have exceeded the 10- hour limit, we will be unable to refund your lesson.

The lesson is due to start and I still have not received a call from my teacher. What should I do?

Please check: (a) your internet connection, (b) that you are logged into Skype and it is working. If both your Skype and your internet connection are working properly, please send a message to our SPANISIMO customer support.

I can't hear my teacher properly during class. What should I do?

To check your audio settings on Skype please go to the following page . Check that: (1) your headset and microphone are plugged into the correct sockets on your computer; (2) the volume of your microphone on your PC microphone setting, to ensure it is not on mute; (3) in Windows, click on the ‘Start Button’, select ‘Control Panel’, then click on ‘Sound’, click on the ‘Playback’ tab. Select ‘Speakers’ and click on the ‘Properties’ button. Click on ‘Configure’. The Configuration Window will appear and you can click on ‘Test’. Please ensure that the speakers are turned on. (4) Check your Skype, ‘Tools’, ‘Settings’, ‘Audio Settings’, to ensure the volume and audio settings are correct. If you have checked the settings above and you still cannot hear sound, there may be a problem with your speakers or headset. Please check on a different computer or connect a different headset.

During class I had problems hearing the teacher, it was very difficult to have a conversation. Can you extend the class or replace it?

If the sound problems are due to problems at SPANISIMO, we may replace the class or extend it, depending on the situation. However, the class extension will depend on the teacher's schedule, so if you would like to have your class extended, please discuss this with your teacher. If due to timetable conflicts, your teacher cannot extend the class, we cannot replace the class for you. *From May to October, Guatemala has its rainy season. It rains extremely hard, giving rise to power cuts and internet connection problems, which may result in audio or video problems. If such problems do arise, we will extend or replace your class as needed.

I have not received a Skype request from my teacher. What should I do?

If you have not yet received a Skype request from your teacher, please check: (1) your internet connection and whether you are logged into Skype. Even if the teacher has sent you a request, if you are experiencing problems with your Skype connection, you may not able to receive a request from your teacher. If you have a logged into Skype and your internet connection is working, you will then be able to receive a request from your teacher. (2) that the Skype ID you have registered on your SPANISIMO account is correct. If the registered Skype ID is misspelt or wrong, the teacher will be unable to send a request to the student. Check on MyPage that your Skype ID has been entered correctly. If it is incorrect, please change it and send a Skype request to the teacher you are waiting for (your teacher's Skype ID will be sent to your email address before your class is due to start.) If you have checked these two things and you are still having problems, please send a Skype request directly to one of our teachers.

I cannot download my textbook. What do I do?

You can only download textbooks for the sessions you have completed and for the upcoming lesson. If you have checked that you are trying to download textbooks available to you, but are still having problems downloading, please send us an enquiry using the ‘Contact us’. Tell us which course you are taking and which lessons you are trying to download.

I cannot log into Skype. What do I do?

If you cannot log into Skype please check to solve the problem.

I waited for my class to start but was not able to take the class. Will the class be replaced?

If the problem is due to an issue with the SPANISIMO site, we will replace the class. *But if we were able to substitute your teacher for another one, we will not replace the lesson. *In Guatemala, from May to October, it is rainy season. Especially  in August and September it rains very therefore we do have some troubles during the rainy season according to power cuts and internet connection problems. For that reason we may have some problems with the audio settings and video images. Therefore if we do have such problems, we will extend or reset your class if you need to.

It is already time for the class to start but I still have not received a call from my teachers. What do I do?

Please check that your internet connection and your Skype connection are working. If the reason you cannot connect to the teacher is not one of these two, please add your teacher's Skype ID and call your teacher directly or send them a message in the chat box.

Payment Troubles

I have bought the wrong lesson pack. Would I be able to cancel my purchase?

If you have bought the course, but you have not used it and have not made any reservations for lessons, we will be able to refund your purchase. If that is the case, please send us a message through 'Contact us' . However, if you have already taken a class or reserved a lesson, you will have to change courses from the following month onwards. *At SPANISIMO, we automatically continue with the same plan you have purchased in subsequent months. If you can change the course you are taking 7 days before the following month is due, you will be able to attend a different course, from that new month onwards. Please log into MyPage and click on ‘Plan Purchase’ in order to choose the course you want.

I have bought a conversational course but I wish to change to a grammar course. Is it possible to change courses halfway?

If you have bought the course, but you have not used it and have not made any reservations for lessons, we will be able to refund your purchase. If that is the case, please send us a message through 'Contact us'.

I cannot purchase a lesson pack using PayPal. What can I do?

Please ensure that your credit card has not expired. Check with PayPal customer service to see why there are problems with their payment service. Also, please contact SPANISIMO about your situation. If payment has not been made by the due date and SPANISIMO has not received an enquiry from you by that date, we will have to defer your account. If you have any reservations made in advance for the deferment period, we might have to cancel all the lessons you have reserved.

Lesson Pack Prices and Payment

How do I pay for a lesson pack?

SPANISIMO uses PayPal to process payments. You can pay for a lesson pack using your credit card through PayPal. Most major credit cards are accepted via PayPal: Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, etc, through a secure payment infrastructure.

Other Questions

I forgot my password for MyPage on the SPANISIMO website. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, please contact us so that we can reset it for you.

I cannot log into MyPage on the SPANISIMO site. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, we can reset it for you. If you have not finished your membership registration yet, you will not have access to MyPage. Check your email Inbox, to see if you have received our confirmation email message. Click on the link provided to access MyPage on the SPANISIMO site.

I still have not received my confirmation email, despite having registered on the SPANISIMO site. What do I do?

Some email accounts have privacy and junk filters, causing some messages to be send directly to your Junk mailbox. Please open your Junk mailbox to see if our emails have been filtered. If they are not in the Junk mailbox, it is possible that the email address you registered with SPANISIMO is not spelled correctly. Please check the spelling of your email addres and register again with our service. If you have already attempted a second registration, and you still have not received a confirmation email message, or have experienced errors during the registration, please send us an enquiry email via ‘Contact  us’.