Selecting our Teachers : Our Teachers

At Spanisimo we have designed a rigorous screening process for recruiting teachers, in order to deliver the highest standards in education for our students. We have strict selection criteria to choose the best teachers in Guatemala. In addition, Spanisimo provides all teachers with individual training programs geared towards online teaching. We would love our students to experience lessons with our specifically trained teachers at Spanisimo.

The Recruitment Process

When hiring teachers for Spanisimo, we ask them to take a screening examination, so we can rank them in skill from A to G. We then provide them with training geared towards their rank, so we can establish at which level they can teach Spanish confidently and effectively. Those teachers who wish to teach beginners at Spanisimo also have to pass an English language test. At Spanisimo we recognize that some of our beginning students will have no Spanish language skills whatsoever and will probably need support in a language they speak already, so the teachers can answer any questions in English, even if it is at a basic level. * We do not require teachers who only teach Intermediate or advanced students to know English. We expect that by this stage, our students will have learned enough Spanish to be able to communicate with their teachers in that language.

What happens in the interviews?

Spanisimo takes the opportunity during an interview to explore the personality, professionalism, sense of responsibility and experience of each candidate. It tries to ensure that they are a good fit for Spanisimo. As a result, the teachers we hire tend to be friendly, patient, relaxed, intelligent and easy to converse with.

Teacher Training

Once the teacher has been through the recruitment process we provide a training program for them. It consists of:

1. Ensuring they possess the necessary computer skills to use Skype effectively, by knowing how to share pages, send documents, use PDF documents and consult other websites for further reference

2. Showing them how to use our textbooks effectively in a 50-minute session, so they know the structure of a lesson, how the textbook fits into that structure, what issues may arise in a lesson, how to adapt the textbooks to fit the needs of the student and how to make comments based on the use of the textbook in class.

3. Training them on the use of our student database to ensure continuity and consistency. They learn how to revise the student records prior to a lesson and establish what their student needs, their weaknesses, their strengths, their objectives and their progress so far.

4. Developing their communication and analytical skills, so they know when to consult management for queries regarding a student or the course itself.

5. Practicing the Spanisimo teaching method with student volunteers, who give feedback on the learning experience and the teacher’s performance. This allows Spanisimo to monitor the teachers’ communication skills, their understanding of the Spanisimo database and system and their teaching method. They are monitored and advised on how best to carry on the class during their practice sessions.

6. Providing them with Skype tests with the school directors to see if they are using Skype efficiently.

7. Giving them feedback on their performance every month to ensure they continue delivering at the highest standards.