Our Mission

SPANISIMO is a social enterprise. Our vision is to create sustainable employment in emerging markets such as Guatemala, unlocking their independence and self-sufficiency.

SPANISIMO started in Guatemala inspired by a vision of creating job opportunities for Guatemalan teachers who are dependent on the tourism season. In order to achieve this, we harness the Internet as a vehicle to deliver Spanish lessons to students around the world. Our role is not just to provide a service to people wishing to learn Spanish but also to create a sustainable and stable way of making a living in this developing country.

Our teachers are able to apply their existing skills and talent to the SPANISIMO method of teaching. By investing in their professional development SPANISIMO gives them a platform for putting their existing and new knowledge into practice.

Creating a language learning service of this quality allows us to offer a more enjoyable experience to our students. We meet their needs to strengthen their language skills while giving highly skilled teachers the opportunity to use their training and experience with eager, motivated students from around the world.

Speaking another language is like having a key to a new door. It unlocks possibilities you had not dreamt of before. For example, if you are traveling to a new country, being able to converse with the locals in their language enhances your travel experience by giving you a window into their minds.

On a business level, it makes perfect sense as well. The more languages you can speak, the more collaborations around the world you can explore. Expats stationed around the world who speak the local languages can communicate effectively with colleagues and business associates, maximizing their opportunities for business. With this in mind, SPANISIMO has created a language learning platform that will enable our students to broaden their minds and enrich their lives in many ways.