How it Works

Getting Started...

You can start learning Spanish quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home if you already have the following things:

  • A Computer
  • Skype already installed on your computer
  • A Webcam
  • A Headset

How a SPANISIMO lesson works

1. Registering with SPANISIMO

To take up on our offer for a FREE 50-minute trial lesson you need to reserve a class first. Once you have finished registering with SPANISIMO you can go ahead and reserve your FREE 50-minute trial lesson. You can choose any teacher and any time of the day that suits you best.

2. Things to prepare before your trial lesson

Download a copy of Skype and check the audio settings. You can download Skype from HERE.

Follow the instructions Skype provides on its website on how to download and install the application. You need to log in to Skype first to check the audio settings. Then go to the Contacts list and choose the Echo/Sound test service or Skype Test call and click on the call button.

3. On the day of your lesson

Please accept the friend request from your teacher
Before your lesson begins, your teacher will send you a friend request to your Skype account. Go ahead and accept the friend request, so your teacher can reach you via Skype and begin your trial lesson.

Please log into Skype and wait for your teacher to call you
Please log into Skype a few minutes before your class is due to start and wait for your teacher to call you. The lesson starts the moment your teacher calls you.

Please answer the Skype call from your teacher to begin your lesson
If you see the teacher is calling you on Skype, please click on the answer button to take the call.

4. After the lesson

After the lesson you will receive comments from the teacher When you log in to MyPage you will see a comment from your teacher. Please pick a course that suits your learning style and your goals or reasons for learning a language.

SPANISIMO has developed different lesson plans to suit different learning styles, in terms of educational content and the number of lessons available. For further information about these lesson plans, please click HERE

On the same day that you purchase your lesson pack you can also reserve more lessons. Reserving and taking our normal classes works exactly in the same way as our FREE 50-minute trial lesson. Once you have paid for a lesson pack go ahead and reserve further classes.

If you have any further inquiries... Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here. For more information on how to use Skype click HERE.