Creating change while seeing the world

SPANISIMO is the brainchild of Kyohei and Takuro, two enterprising Japanese who quit their jobs in 2011 for the promise of something more than the daily grind. Their travels through Latin America began in Guatemala, where they decided to study Spanish before immersing themselves into a completely new world. It was as a result of the conversations they had with their teachers that they came up with the idea for SPANISIMO. Although their teachers were very enthusiastic, their jobs were at the mercy of tourism seasons, creating a very unstable job market for them. When Kyohei and Takuro left Guatemala to continue their journey south, they could not get these conversations out of their heads. They were so convinced that they could create more sustainable and secure job opportunities for the teachers, that they returned to Guatemala to do just that.

"We have been waiting for a long time for someone like you to come along."

"If we start up an online school the teachers can have direct access to students around the world. They won't need to depend on tourism to make a living", Kyohei and Takuro thought. Upon their return to Guatemala they searched for schools that would share their vision. Many teachers in Guatemala loved the idea. One director of a school which is now collaborating with SPANISIMO told them "I have wanted for the longest time to create a more stable job environment but I never knew how. I want to try this out. We have been waiting for a long time for guys like you come along."

Our Service in Japan

Before launching into the English speaking world, we launched our online Spanish lesson in the Japanese market. Due to the skills and qualifications of our teachers, coupled with the quality of the content we offer, we have been gaining a lot of students in Japan. They represent a very demanding customer base with very high expectations of quality, which we meet at every turn. These customers take many factors into account when choosing a language learning service. We must be doing something right, since the Japanese media have been reviewing SPANISIMO consistently.

Connecting ourselves to the world

All things said and done, the Japanese market represent only a fragment of the Spanish education market worldwide. As part of our idea to create a sustainable workplace, we thought there would be more people around the world wanting to learn Spanish. As a result, we are planning to launch our Spanish language service to the English speaking market this coming January 2013.

We hope that through our service we will promote intercultural understanding and will enable students and teachers from around the world to meet each other.